The right package for every operation.
Individual and flexible.

RETTERAlarm offers you two versions for all operational areas and requirements!

The Basic application provides you with all alert-relevant functions, i.e. the alert, including the feedback function and an evaluation of the alerts. You can also use the operations chat and manage users, permissions and attributes.

In addition to the basic functions of the app and the online application, RETTERAlarm Pro comes with several additional features that can be optionally customised to your requirements, and on a completely individual basis. In addition to your own alert loops, you can also manage your vehicles and operationally-relevant documents, for example. The standby enquiry and calendar function also allow you to keep track of which team members are on duty or on the next shift.

Functions RETTERAlarm Basic RETTERAlarm Pro
 Maximum users 50 users Unlimited users
 Alert via email / API / fax
 Alarm escalation / fallback
 Test alert
 Feedback function
 Data protection module
 User administration (permissions/attributes)
 Administration / departments
 Vehicle administration / tracking
 Information management
 Calender function
 Standby enquiry
 Alarm dashboard
 ID Card
 Setup of own loops
 Connection to existing systems via API
Support RETTERAlarm Basic RETTERAlarm Pro
 Email support
 Email response time within 48 hours. within 24 hours.
 Telephone Support
 Training Workshops FAQ 1 hour

Additional costs

Text message

0,11€ per text message

Text messages are input directly via a German gateway and take priority over other text messages. In the case of major events, these text messages are delivered first.

Phone call

0,19€ per phone call

The alert subscriber is called and the alert text is sent in spoken form. The alert text can be repeated up to 10 times. This way, a TTA can be delivered (tactical telephone alert).


9,99€ per month

With the fax option, incoming faxes can be read using OCR, and an alert can be generated. All you have to do is to forward us your fax address.

* Price incl. VAT

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