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The heart of our software


The alert function is at the heart of RETTERAlarm. The incoming interfaces define which users receive an alert and which do not. The alert can be sent via push notification, phone call (TTA and/or TTS)*, prioritised text message* or email.

We receive incoming alerts by email, API (Rest or XML) or fax. We evaluate the alert according to the customer’s specifications and create an evaluation according to your requirements.

*services requiring payment


To simulate an operational call-out and to rehearse the emergency, RETTERAlarm provides the possibility of providing time-controlled test alerts. A list displays all the test alerts of the administration/department, and can be easily edited or deleted from there. A detailed view also allows the user to view and manage the selected resources/users as well as further information such as title, type of alert and addresses.


The RETTERAlarm App - created for every operational situation.


    According to the saved resources (team members, including roles and vehicles) and loops, RETTERAlarm defines which individuals or resources are alerted. Users or vehicles can be grouped together in the resources. Resources provide the basis for determining which users/vehicles are alerted. The alert loops are required for the automatic alert evaluation. With the alert codes stored here, the incoming alert is analysed and if the code is found, the appropriate resource is initialised.


    The RETTERAlarm operations chat provides a secure platform for the coordination of the operations and the communications between the team members. The operations chat can be accessed via the web interface as well as via the app, and offers a data privacy-compliant replacement for standard messenger services which operate with American servers and are unable to offer GDPR-compliant data security. The app also offers a chat option that can only be viewed and used by managers and the operations centre. Once the application has been closed, the respective chat can be saved on an audit-proof basis.


    To be able to fulfil the requirements of even the most challenging scenarios, RETTERAlarm offers a fallback and/or escalation function which guarantees a smooth alert process. The fallback function checks whether the individual user receives an alert or not. For example, if the user does not have an internet connection on their mobile phone, it is possible to adjust the settings so the user receives a text message or phone call after a specific time. The escalation function keeps the unit as a whole in view. If too few team members respond, the next unit can be alerted automatically after a specific time.

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