Plan the operation effectively with RETTERAlarm.


With the RETTERAlarm alert monitor, all the relevant information and alerts are available to you at a glance at all times. In idle mode, this serves as a useful information board and displays the current availability of the team members and the weather data, including severe weather warnings. The most recent operations, the current time and pending events are also displayed here. In this respect, the widgets can be shown and hidden on a completely individual basis and positioned anywhere.



The alert monitor can be used as an info display in idle mode. It shows the current availability, weather data and severe weather warnings. The most recent operations, the current time and pending events are also displayed here. All windows can be activated / deactivated and positioned anywhere.


In the operation mode, all the key information concerning the current operation is shown. The appropriate route to the destination can be displayed here, for example, and all the vehicles in use can be tracked. If several operations are taking place at the same time, the system will switch between them at intervals.



With the useful calendar function, appointments such as exercises and work services can be planned and communicated via RETTERAlarm. The users can then approve them or reject them.






With RETTERAlarm, information and news updates can be distributed easily to all team members. Users receive a notification through the information management, which means they are always up to date. The communication of individual pieces of information can be defined according to attributes and resources, just like an alert, so that only those team members who are affected by the information are notified. Information can also be saved as an appointment in the user’s calendar.



To keep you informed about the current deployment strength of your emergency services command centre or department at all times, standby enquiries can be sent to all users via RETTERAlarm. This way, your team members can indicate if they are ready for deployment at a specific point in time. This brings planning reliability and success to the operation. A history feature also enables you to see who reported that they were on standby, and when.


It is always important that emergency organisations and their staff are able to exchange information quickly and easily, and not just during the coronavirus pandemic. Topics can include shift arrangements, information about operations and the required personnel, the necessary operational resources or simply a discussion about the next exercise. Our Messenger feature, which is integrated in the free-of-charge RETTERAlarm app, allows you to send text messages to your team members in the normal way. In contrast to conventional WhatsApp groups, however, it offers you 100% security for your sensitive operational data, which means it is also GDPR-compliant. Give it a try now!

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